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AI Dynamic

AI Dynamic

AI Based Fund Management

Nowadays Artificial intelligence (AI) is advancing rapidly in virtually every industry. AI is changing the operating model for investment. From back office procedures to front office decisions, AI is becoming the preferred tool for gaining a competitive edge.

Similarly, we know that Investing in equities is an art as well as science. So, we are closely monitoring all fundamental aspects through our art and we are witnessed it in our two portfolio LEGEND and MARVEL since 2009. So, now we have introduced DYNAMIC portfolio which is fusion of fundamental aspects and Artificial Intelligence.

This AI will cover important quant parameters like; Net Profit Margin, Return on Equity, Debt/Equity Ratio, Free Cash Flows, return on Assets, ROCE and many more.

We have entered in collaboration with US entity for AI and it will help us to increase our return prospects. We have done back testing of last five years and it has delivered impressive returns. It means human brain with technology is ready to do wonders in investing.