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NRI Investment

Pre Investment Process

This is a onetime process required to be carried out before NRIs can start investing in India.

Here there are 3 steps of process.

  • In 1st step, NRI is required to obtain Permanent Account Number popularly known as PAN card from Income-tax Authorities.
  • In 2nd step, NRI is required to open NRO, NRO – PIS, NRE, and NRE –PIS accounts with the designated bank. NRO accounts are meant for funds that are belonging to the NRI and lying in India. It may be inherited fund or earned earlier. NRE accounts are meant for funds to be brought from outside India.
  • Funds in NRE category are repatriable. 3rd step is registration as a client through KYC process. Once NRI carries out this process, he/she is ready for any kind of investment in India.

Once this pre-investment process is complete, one can invest simply through phone/e-mail and other means of communications. In this era of technology, client interface is easy.