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  • Investment Objective
  • Terms at a Glance
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Investment Objective

To generate long term capital appreciation from a portfolio of Mid Cap/Small Cap equity. The investment portfolio for equity will be primarily drawn from the pool of companies except top 100 BSE lndia listed Securities by Market Capitalization. This fund is typically more volatile and suited more for experienced investors. These constitute of stocks from sunrise industry or can come up from our bottom-up approach of stock selection.

Terms at a Glance

  • Type of Plan: Mid Cap Equity Plan
  • Asset Allocation Pattern: Minimum 60% in Mid Cap And Rest 40% in Large Cap Equity
  • Benchmark: BSE 200 Index
  • Risk Level:Moderate

Mr. Siddharth Mandalaywala

Sr. VP & Fund Manager

Mr. Siddharth Mandalaywala has experience of 13 years in capital market. An MBA with specialization in Finance, he has thorough knowledge of all macro, micro economic aspects. He has very good understanding of Fundamental Analysis. He possesses good judgment and can take quick decisions. He is fund manager for both Portfolio Management Plans - Legend and Marvel. He is very passionate for the job. He has skin in the game as all his savings is into Equities (100%). He has done MBA in Finance from Seventh Day Adventist College.

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