Learn to Unlearn

“It ain’t what you know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” – Mark Twain

So basically learn to unlearn explains the importance of absorbing new things with open mind and not with our fixed perceptions, i.e., we as an individual should be open to different views. However, we need to let go what we thought we understood, to make way for a new understanding and that new understanding helps us modify or upgrade our current understanding. It is difficult to accept someone’s views above our views but it helps a lot.

 For example- If we buy a stock on our conviction and someone informs anything contrary to our perceived understanding on that particular stock then we should accept his views but not instantly change our own views, we just need to revise our own process.

I will explain you my experience about the same that when I came in equity markets I had a perception that people only earn money in long term by fundamental analysis in markets, as I read and heard more and more people I understood that technical analysis or trading is not a wrong thing to do and people have made fortunes in it.

I had a perception that derivatives are bad but then I came to know that Buffet (Berkshire Hathaway) earns 1B $ every year from derivatives. There are countless incidents happening with us in day to day life, when we see someone we tend to make perceptions in our mind about that person without even knowing that person, this Habit harms none but stops our own growth.

So basically you might be wondering how can we learn to unlearn, first of all we should seek additive knowledge in that same field and use it in modifying our old knowledge, but pure randomness (considering everyone’s opinions without checking it with your) can be a destructive quality to it.

For example – We all do investments in different asset classes where either we have made money or lost money, but when we accept our mistake due to which we lost money and have an attitude of learning from that mistake, then that eventually helps us to Loose Less and Earn More.

If a person wants to learn the skill to unlearn he should be humble and humbleness comes from acquiring more and more knowledge. “Lesser the knowledge More the Ego, More the knowledge Lesser the Ego” – Albert Einstein

The shortcut to unlearn is to learn more and more about that topic.

“Listen to Everyone, Follow No-One” – Dean Karnazes

-Raj Gandhi

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