Investment Advisory One Time Advisory Regular Interval Advisory
Advisory for Fresh Fund deployment EXCEL Plan EXCEL PLUS Plan
Advisory for Existing Portfolio and Fresh Fund PROSPER Plan PROSPER PLUS Plan

Features under One Time Advisory Plans: (EXCEL and PROSPER Plans)

In this plan, we shall take 3 steps:

  • First Client Meet: First meeting for understanding client’s need, preferences, risk profile and the status of current investment. It will be an interactive meeting and we expect that client will provide important details of their investment goals, history and fund inflow in near future. We shall cover these points in advisory.
  • Analyse and Evaluate: We shall evaluate findings of meetings with client, analyses and prepare recommendations.
  • Advisory Output: We shall submit our advisory report with recommendations.

Features under Regular Advisory Plans: (EXCEL and PROSPER Plus)

All the steps defined under One Time Advisory will be followed. Additionally, review meetings at regular intervals for review. We shall advise on the overall investment portfolio. Retainership service can be for a period of 1 year and require renewal after one year. We shall charge fees quarterly in advance.

It is upon the client discretion to accept or not to accept advise. There is no binding on client to follow advise given by us.